How to Export Graphics or Audio from Flash

Say you want to remake one of your flash games to have the portability of HTML5? I am doing just that with my first game Shilox. I need to export the graphics and sound effects from Flash so I can use them in Construct 2. This will be a tutorial on exporting graphics from flash as a PNG as well as how to export audio as a WAV and then convert it to another format such as mp3. I will be using CS4, but later versions should not be too different.

Exporting Characters and Graphics

The first thing is to open your .fla file. Clear everything from the stage except for the graphic you are exporting. Click on File in the control panel and then Export > Export Image.

export image from flash

Choose the location and name you want the file to have. Be sure to set the “Save as type” field to PNG.

export flash graphic as png

After you click Save the Export PNG panel will open. I used the default options except that I checked the option to make the PNG file interlaced. What is interlaced with PNG files? In short, it helps them appear to load faster.

export flash png

That all there is to it for the graphics. You can then simply import them directly into Construct 2.

Export Sound Effects and Music

Exporting sound actually has two steps. Exporting it and then converting it to a different format. The easiest way is to make a new FLA file and import the music clip you want from your original. Place the music clip on the stage or in the first frame. Note, you must have enough frames for the clip to play completely. Too many frames, and your file will be¬†excessively¬†long. You may want to change the FPS to a much lower number such as five or even one so you don’t have to have as many frames.

Once you have the frames and audio clip in place, go to File > Export, but instead of Export Image select Export Movie. Select where you want it and the name and then set the Save as type to WAV Audio.

export sound effects from flash

Be sure to listen to your file. You may need to add or remove frames to get the length of the audio file to match the length of the actual sounds.

Converting WAV to Another Format

I will be using Adobe Soundbooth because it came with my Web Premium CS4. Once you have Soundbooth open, click File > Import > Files. Alternatively, if you have used the file before within Soundbooth you can click File > Open.

Convert WAV to MP3 Soundbooth

Once you have your file imported it will appear in the Files section near the top left. Click and drag your file to the right into the Editor Panel.

Soundbooth file conversion

From there you just have to save it. Click File > Save as and select the location, name and the new file type.

Convert WAV to MP3 with Soundbooth

I am certainly a novice when it comes to Soundbooth, but it is necessary to know how to convert sound files. So now you have your graphics and your sound effects ready to use in Construct 2 or whatever method you choose to remake your game. You will need to do this for every sound effect as well as every frame in an animation individually.

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