Project Woob Woob

My brother and I decided to have a game jam one day in early August. We were not able to finish the game in one sitting as we had planned so we changed our goal to just be by the end of August. Woob Woob is a physics fighting game. Each player has a jetpack and a light saber. The goal is simply to kill the other player. Whichever players runs out of lives first loses. We have 3 power-ups, damage(purple light saber), speed and health. We also added space junk as obstacles. We had so much creating Woob Woob we decided we are going to commit to making one game a month and participate in the monthly event found here. I think the result turned out pretty good and we have made a list of other ideas we may create in the coming months. You can play Woob Woob with the link below.


Play Woob Woob





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