Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 5

The plane combat mode is pretty much complete after today. The fists took quite a while longer to make than I thought they would. The arms and fist both resize depending on the screen resolution. The purpose of this is to insure the arms are always longer than the screen height. The bottom of the arms are not connected to anything. Previously, if you moved your finger to the top of the screen the arm/fist would move all the way up and you could see the bottom of the arm was not attached to a body. I created a limit for this today so the fist cannot go out of the screen. I also made sure the the arms are not able to go to the opposite side of the screen.

Finally, I increased the speed of all the enemies and also created tiers that decrease spawn time as the player advances. This certainly made the game more fun. I feel pretty good about the state of the plane combat mode. It has really come together.  I also discovered Crabitron today. It is far better than J.A.M.E.S. will be and makes me want to add lots of features. However, I must finish the game and have it on the app store by the 24th so adding many new features is really beyond the scope of this project. I don’t work on Sundays so I will not work on the game again until Monday.

Goals for December 9th:

Create head graphics(this will finish the plane combat mode)

Create a game over screen

Add basic controls for the infantry combat mode

The screen shot for today shows the fist graphics.


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