Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 3

Creating the graphics is taking longer than I expected on Day 2. I did finish the bomber and plane graphics. I will need to make the helicopter and hot air balloon graphics. I did decide to make a variation of the hot air balloon today. It is a sea turtle with a balloon tied to its shell. I made the graphic for this today and made a second graphic for when it is destroyed. When it is destroyed, instead of exploding like the other planes, it changes to the popped graphic and spins downward out of the window. I decided I will probably do something similar with the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon will have a popped graphic and drop straight down when it is destroyed. I also made a simple background, though I may still end up changing it. It is just a plain blue right now.

Goals for December 6th:

Create Helicopter graphic

Create Hot Air Balloon graphic

Create bomb and bomb explosion animation

Create graphics for the fists

Create arm graphics


I have been considering the concept for sea combat I originally planned and I am not sure it will work well on a screen as small as an ipod Touch. I may come up with a new sea combat concept or limit the gameplay modes to only land and air.

You can see some of the new graphics in the screenshot below. I also changed the ring indicating where to touch so that they look more attractive. I included the sea turtle graphics as well.

JAMES day3turtleBalloon


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