Gift Project- J.A.M.E.S.

I will be making a game for a much younger cousin(James) during December. My goal is to have it completed and on the App Store by December 24th.

The player takes on the role of a furious giant in three modes of play. The modes will each center around fighting different units; land, sea and air. Like with Disco Wars, I wanted the game to play best on a touch device.

Land combat will feature suicide infantry attempting to climb the giant and explode on weak spots. The player will control both right and left hands simultaneously to grab the infantry and move them toward the mouth where they can be eaten and provide a slight health boost. Infantry that are not eaten fast enough will explode dealing damage to the player.

Sea combat has the giant mostly submerged and crossing an ocean. Civilian ships will attempt to flee while destroyers will assault the giant. The player will be in control the giant’s projectile vomit. The player will touch and hold to charge a more powerful projectiles and then swipe to launch it at the fleet of ships or into to counter bombers.

Planes will buzz above the player during air combat and the player will attempt to punch them via swipes. Bombers will attempt to bombard the player’s head.

I will be doing all the graphics myself, so they will be very simple.

Target Platform: iPod Touch

The design document is complete and development will start tomorrow, December 3rd. Unlike my other projects, I plan to keep a daily log for J.A.M.E.S.


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