Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 7

I think JAMES has really come together today. The game feels much faster paced and is now in a playable state. I finished the main menu graphics today. I also made the menu a little more active my making some of the units spawn and fly across the screen while on the main menu. All of the sounds and music are added as well as a new mute ability. I wanted to add a pause feature, but I did not want to clutter the limited screen space on an ipod Touch. I decided the game would just pause whenever the player is not touching the screen. I think this works well for JAMES since it is the type of game where if you are playing then you are touching the screen. There is never down time. The head graphics are not ready yet and I would not have had time to add them today anyway.

A feature that has really made the game feel more action-y is that spawn rates of enemies now increase over time. The player gets a message that blinks on the screen that difficulty has increased when they move between difficulty tiers. I think this helps break up a play session, short as they are, to give the player some milestones.

Goals for December 11th:

Add the head graphic and implement player damage

Polish anything else that seem to need it


I will start setting up Xcode and the other software I need to get the game onto the app store tomorrow.

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