Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 6

Today I added saved high scores and the main menu. I made a system for showing the player when they have achieved a new high score. Most importantly, today I created a prototype for the infantry combat mode. I used very similar control to the plane combat mode, The main different is the giant has a body that is most of the screen. The infantry are catapulted onto the giant’s torso and then climb a certain distance and explode, causing damage. The player try to move the hands over the infantry, the hand then grab the infantry and the player takes them to the head where they would be eaten if the graphics were all finished.

The infantry combat mode has proved to not be nearly as fun as I had hoped it would. I think it is good policy to not continue development on a game does not have fun core gameplay. I am very much leaning toward halting development on it and just polish the plane combat mode. For now I will pause development until I can have my nephews play it and tell me what they think.

Goals for December 10th:

Finish all graphics for the main menu.

Implement the head graphics with the health system. I am no longer making the head graphics. My friend and collaborator for Beavarena will be making me the head graphics.

Choose sounds/music and add them.

Create a method to pause the game.

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