Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 4

At the end of Day 4, I am almost finished with the plane combat mode for J.A.M.E.S., my gift project. I finished everything on my list today except the fist graphics. The game is really coming along. I am feeling confident I can finish it and publish it to the app store before December 24th. The controls seem quite good and I intend to have my nephews play-test the game this weekend. After the play-test I will probably have additional tweaking to do. Right now I just plan to finish the graphics for the plane mode and do some tweaking tomorrow. I still need to create graphics for the head which is important since it doubles as the health meter. I have a friend that is working on it though.

What I did today:

Arm graphics

Helicopter graphic

Added bomb graphics

Added bomb explosion

Balloon Graphics

Goals for December 7th:

Create fist graphics

Limit arms so they cannot move off of the screen or to opposite side

Create a system for increasing enemy spawn rates over time.

I may start on a menu screen if I have time

The screen shot shows the new helicopter and hot air balloon graphics.

plane combat

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