Project – Boneless Ninja

Below is the main menu for a new project I have been working on for a couple of weeks. Aside from the “Start” text, this is the first prototype of my new Boneless Ninja game. It is fun to play so I am keeping it as an interactive Main Menu for the game.

Boneless Ninja is a stealth physics game. The game will involve “stealth-fully” moving your boneless ninja to a target to kill or object to steal. When the player touches the screen, the ninja will flop away from the point of touch. This will be the only control the player has over the ninja.

The game will be mostly set in modern times, unless I decide I want to add more diverse levels. Since the game will not really have a coherent story, I may add all types of level settings. Levels will involve a variety of objects to use such as crates which you can bump into to move as well as boxes, which you can hide in. I will also have levers to activate/deactivate certain effects.

Enemies will include suit wearing, axe throwing, guards that patrol as well as security cameras to avoid. Many levels will have traps as well such as electrical lines, Chinchilla Death Pits and sharks swinging on a rope. Traps are a danger to the player, but can also be utilized to dispatch guards.

The player will have multiple ways to complete most levels.




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