Project – Beavarena

I saw  a post in the Help Wanted section of the C2 forums about help  making a local multiplayer game for tablets and I decided it sounded like a unique project. The game is called Beavarena. Beavarena will be a collection of mini-games playable by 2 players on a single tablet. For example, a fighting game featuring hipster beavers beating each other will be one of the options.


Other mini-game ideas:

VS Spaceship shooter

Sumo Beavers- Try to knock each other off of a platform.

CTF- Use a couple of ragdoll beavers to move the target object to your side to score points.

Beaver Race- Endless runner with two players

Bomb Beavers- Basically, bomberman, but with beavers.

Flood- Avoid a flood of logs pushing you towards a waterfall.

Snake like game- eat things and grow you tail longer. Basically like multiplayer snake.

War Beavers- some type of cannon game, like Worms

These won’t all necessarily be in the game, but they are ideas. I’m sure my collaborator has various ideas as well. We will just have to see what we can fit in the game.



BeavEmUp Main Menu




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