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Project – Boneless Ninja

Below is the main menu for a new project I have been working on for a couple of weeks. Aside from the “Start” text, this is the first prototype of my new Boneless Ninja game. It is fun to play so I am keeping it as an interactive Main Menu for the game. Boneless Ninja […]

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Project – Beavarena

I saw  a post in the Help Wanted section of the C2 forums about help  making a local multiplayer game for tablets and I decided it sounded like a unique project. The game is called Beavarena. Beavarena will be a collection of mini-games playable by 2 players on a single tablet. For example, a fighting […]

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Disco Wars Graphics Update

I have finally finished updating all of the original graphics for Disco Wars. The original graphics can be seen on Newgrounds. I will be leaving that early version up on Newgrounds for historical purposes. Disco Wars is now only lacks minor functional features such as upgrades and a limit on Asgard spawning. I expect to […]

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Project – Disco Wars

I had a concept for a game that I thought would be quick to make, taking about a month using Construct 2 and Flash for the graphics. The concept was to make a vertical shooter, but with player and AI roles reversed. The AI would control a single ship or a handful of much more […]

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