My name is Jared and I want to make games for a living. I have tried to learn game programming multiple times, however, I would get burnt out and take breaks. The break would end up being longer than I had anticipated and I would forget much of what I had learned. The last time I studied up on game design I learned Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.0. I created Shilox as my first game.

I had another idea for a game in mind, but I decided to create Shilox as an easier alternative and to better learn Actionscript. It took me about a month to finish Shilox as I was also attending college at the time. I had more fun designing Shilox than just about anything else. This made me certain I wanted to be a game designer.

After the launch of Shilox, I ended up taking a break from game design while I finished my final 3 semesters of college. Now that I have graduated I intend to take up game design again. I have opted to learn HTML5 instead this time as I see it as more future proof. Also, I would very much like to release my games on multiple platforms, including mobile.

I have a nephew that would also like to be a game designer so I want him to be able to learn from this blog. I intend to essentially use this blog as notes for learning HTML5 and Javascript for games. I may eventually go into php for more general concepts.

I assume if I need an occasional refresher on different programming concepts, other people probably do as well. This is the reason I have decided to post my notes to this blog. I will attempt to make them more readable an in a more tutorial format to help with understandability.