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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 9

I did manage to get JAMES running natively on my ipad mini using Cocoonjs. Setting up a developer account with Apple and getting the game onto the device was a horrible experience. It is unbelievable all the hoops you have to jump through to get your app on  a test device. On the plus side […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 8

The head graphic is done and the game feel great. I decided to make the head flash briefly when it is hit by a bomb to make it more apparent the player has taken damage. Robin really did a great job on the head graphics too. You can see the new head graphic in the […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 7

I think JAMES has really come together today. The game feels much faster paced and is now in a playable state. I finished the main menu graphics today. I also made the menu a little more active my making some of the units spawn and fly across the screen while on the main menu. All […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 6

Today I added saved high scores and the main menu. I made a system for showing the player when they have achieved a new high score. Most importantly, today I created a prototype for the infantry combat mode. I used very similar control to the plane combat mode, The main different is the giant has […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 5

The plane combat mode is pretty much complete after today. The fists took quite a while longer to make than I thought they would. The arms and fist both resize depending on the screen resolution. The purpose of this is to insure the arms are always longer than the screen height. The bottom of the […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 4

At the end of Day 4, I am almost finished with the plane combat mode for J.A.M.E.S., my gift project. I finished everything on my list today except the fist graphics. The game is really coming along. I am feeling confident I can finish it and publish it to the app store before December 24th. […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 3

Creating the graphics is taking longer than I expected on Day 2. I did finish the bomber and plane graphics. I will need to make the helicopter and hot air balloon graphics. I did decide to make a variation of the hot air balloon today. It is a sea turtle with a balloon tied to […]

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JAMES alpha plane combat

Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 2

Day 2 has been much more successful than day 1. The controls are now complete for the plane combat mode. I also added all of the civilian planes and bombers complete with explosions. The whole game will have a simple scoring system that I added today. The only thing left to add for the plane […]

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Project J.A.M.E.S. – Day 1

J.A.M.E.S. is now a work in progress. For the first day I made some programmer art and began creating a system to control the two arms. So far you can move each arm independently. When the player quits touching, the associated arms will slide back to the bottom of the screen into the starting position […]

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Gift Project- J.A.M.E.S.

I will be making a game for a much younger cousin(James) during December. My goal is to have it completed and on the App Store by December 24th. The player takes on the role of a furious giant in three modes of play. The modes will each center around fighting different units; land, sea and […]

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